The swimming lessons incorporate informative lessons on sun safety, health and wellness. All programs are designed to target the learning abilities and swim levels of each individual participant.  Unlike many swim instruction programs, Aqua Academy provides one-on-one instruction and an array of teaching assists, maximizing the participant's potential in the time given at each lesson.  

Aqua Academy is a local business situated in Stittsville, Ontario.  It offers an exclusive program that provides private and semi-private swimming lessons in the comfort of an outdoor backyard pool setting, targeting children ages 3-14.  Aqua Academy is an affiliate member of the Lifesaving Society and is licensed to teach and provide all Lifesaving Society swim levels and badges.

Aqua Academy targets families who are looking for private swimming lessons and group swimming lessons within their residential area. The programs are designed to attract children and adults who enjoy learning in the outdoors and are local residents. 

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