As swimming instructors, we are outside in the water for several hours a day.  The sun's UV rays become the strongest in the early afternoon when the majority of swimming lessons take place, so it's important to practice sun safety.  First we tried waterproof sun screen, but that washes off in an hour...  

The best solution is a sun shirt or rash guard.  It adds warmth on cool, cloudy days and protects your upper body from getting sun burnt on hot, sunny days.  These shirts dry quickly and are SPF50, the highest protection you can find!  Not to mention, they look pretty flashy!  You won't find another Aqua Academy rash guard any where else.

Available sizes are youth Extra Small, Small and Medium

$30.00/shirt with a $5.00 discount if you registered for more then one session of swimming lessons!

Youth Large and Adult sizes may be pre-ordered for $35.00/shirt

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